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This is MY "List of Demands". This is NOT an official list of demands of #OWS or any other similar movement and should not be taken that way.

Demand # 1: Limits on Freedom of Speech and Right to (peaceful) Assembly removed. We pay for public land as United States taxpayers. ALL public land of ALL states in the Union.  Our first Amendment gives us the right to peacefully protest on this land. However, Local, State, and the Federal Government(s) have constantly added laws, stipulations, and conditions to these rights to make it harder for us to protest. We now have to have permission from our government to protest our government. Had our founding fathers wanted further limits placed on this right then what it states in our Bill of Rights, THEY would have added it. This is completely unacceptable. We hereby declare these UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws null and void immediately. You will change the laws accordingly, effective immediately.


Demand #2: Campaign Contribution.  Corporations and groups can no longer legally contribute to campaign funding. Individual campaign contributors must meet legal voting requirements to contribute, however, it is not necessary that you are a registered voter. Only that you are legally able to do so. The contribution amount is set at $5000 per legal contributor per voting cycle per candidate. The amount is negotiable.

Accepting or offering contributions other than the stated way above is considered bribery and treason. Both parties will be tried.

Lobbying is a form of this and is now illegal. Elected official should only be listening to their own constituents. Not interest groups.

Demand #3: Congress. Congress will now have a 2 term limit. A term in either house of Congress counts as one term. Congress is no longer allowed to vote themselves perks, raises, or any type of benefits. There will be a salary freeze on all federal elected officials. Salary raises will be inflation and cost of living increases. The same inflation and cost of living applied to your citizens. In years in which this is below 0% the salary will remain unchanged.

Pensions are now limited to a maximum of ten years. The requirement age is the same as social security retirement. You are now eligible for a pension after 4 years in congress. The beneficiary of Congresspersons who die in office with MORE than 24 months of their first term complete is eligible for the pension for five years.

Benefits, Perks, and Salary raises. These are to be voted on by the people in general elections.

The above applies to the executive branch, including the cabinet, as well as to the federal judicial branch.  State governments are not affected by these changes.

A civilian agency will be created that monitors all branches of the government.  The purpose of this agency is transparency in the federal government.  The elected members of this agency

will have full top level security clearance. However, they must be able to obtain top level security clearance to be eligible. They are to be allowed access to all portions of federal government.

This agency is funded through the federal government. It has mandatory funding and cannot be defunded or have its funds reduced by the government...  Funding increases and decreases will be through the people voted in general elections. The government may not dissolve or in any way impede this agency under penalty of treason.

This agency's elected body will consist of a 9 member board that are elected for 6 years terms with 3 members being elected every 2 years. Similar to the Senate's election process. The members are elected directly by the people by popular vote.

Their job is to investigate the government and to report to the people on problems, waste, etc. within the government. They report this to the people via a Transparency website.

This is so the people may keep tabs on the government and make sure it is representing our best interest. This group has no political power. They are simply to inform and educate us on the real going on in our government.

This group may also report on elected individuals including candidates for federal offices. Personal information on an official or candidate is only revealed if it would affect their ability to do the job of the office they are seeking or the office they hold.


Demand # 5: Bringing democracy back to the government.  We realize we are a representative republic and that a pure democracy would be bad. However, we do not feel we are accurately represented.  In light of this all elected officials of the federal government will do the following:

1) You will add to your website a method for your constituents to make suggestions on changes. This will be in addition to the private message form system you now use.

2) Suggestions will be public. So other constituents can see the suggestions.  These will not have a comments section.

3) Constituents will "vote" yes or no.

4) Constituents must be in your district. They must provide information (including recording their IP address) to prove they are in your district.

5) These changes are changes you will represent, if they get enough votes.

Part 2:

You will provide on your website a similar setup for topics that have national attention. Such current topics would be: extending unemployment, raising taxes on the rich, rights of homosexuals, etc.  The vote will be multiple choices. Sometimes it will be yes or no (for or against) and sometimes it will have

more selections. This depends on the topic and the choices. For instance for the war in Afghanistan this may be: Keep doing what we are doing now, Bring the troops home as soon as possible without causing them  more danger, Send more troops,  Negotiate with opposing forces on a peaceful end to the conflict.

You will then vote on the topic the way your constituents want. You will push for changes that your constituents want. If there are no bills on it, you will campaign to congress on the issues. THIS is your platform.  THIS is your new ideology. THIS is how you are going represent the people. THIS is your job.

Failure to comply with your constituents repeatedly may result in your impeachment and possibly treason.  If you reasonably attempt to comply with your constituents wishes, you have nothing to fear.

Sub-demand to States: Your Attorney General (or equivalent) will be responsible for bringing charges against US representatives from your state. You will investigate charges by constituents against their representatives.  It is your job to make sure your people are accurately represented by their elected representatives.

Representatives must show willful neglect of their citizens. Compromises or dropping debates /subjects because they have little or no support does not constitute willful neglect. Not even bringing popular subjects up for debate or recognition does constitute willful neglect.


Demand #6: Bush tax cuts will immediately be revoked. Tax bracket rates will be restored to pre Bush tax cuts.  You will add a new top tier tax bracket. This bracket will be on (wage) income of $1 mil or more filing single and married jointly. This tax rate with be 45%

You will work to remove loopholes for the rich and corporations.  You will work to simplify the tax system. You overcomplicate things in an effort to sneak stuff by us. We are wise to this.

You will then work with your constituents when this is part is done to figure out a tax system that best represents and is fair to everyone.  Fair does not necessarily mean everyone pays the same rate.  But you will work with the people to improve the system so it is fair, effective, and so taxes paid are taxes that are needed and not you skimming off the top for whatever pet project, etc you want.

Demand #7:  You will end free trade.  Free trade involves Americans getting screwed and honestly our collective butt is sore.  You are to impose import tariffs on all goods and services. By services we mean when we call a business in America and someone in India picks up.  How much on each area of goods is negotiable.

We may be interested in allowing an exception for Canada.  They have always been great trade partners both importing and exporting. We also share much else with our friends to the North and have for some time. They have always been fair with us.

For those in other countries, we are sorry but this must be done. We have to protect our citizens and we would expect you to do the same for your fellow citizens. We hold it against no country who tries to protect its citizens economically or militarily. This is part of your government's job.


Demand #8: You will begin the deportation of all illegal immigrants immediately. We understand we are a nation of immigrants. But we came here by legal means. We used the system to become American. We did not try to circumvent the system. These illegal immigrants must go.  Asylum seekers may stay pending review of their case. Those who are currently in the process of becoming legal (paperwork is already submitted) may stay.

Illegal immigrants- We have no ill will towards you.  Come back legally and will be more than happy to have you.  But do it legally.

Boarder Security will be increased.  And you will find ways to make it more effective.  You will simplify the immigration process. It is too long and too expensive. It is ridiculous. How do you expect immigrants to legally come here when you make it so costly, time consuming and frustrating?

Demand # 9:  You will work on reducing government waste. Real waste. Not cutting social security, infrastructure, education, etc. How about the waste on defense contractors? You will make all government bids open bids and competitive.  You have rigged the bidding process so you can show favoritism and made it less competitive. You will hold all contractors to their bids. You will use the SpaceX philosophy.  This philosophy states that if a contractor bids a project and that project runs over that contractor is responsible for cost overruns not the taxpayer.  This is how contracts are suppose to work. It is absolutely unacceptable you allow defense contractors to bid low then charge outrageous prices when they actually do the job. IF they are not competent enough to bid a job properly then they have no business being in business.

Demand #10: You WILL work together on these issues. This is absolutely 100% non-negotiable. Officials who fail to corporate will be removed from office. We consider not working together to be an act of treason not to mention very childish.


Conclusion: We are not traitors, you are traitors. We are not un-American, you are un-American. Corporations do not own this country, the people own this country.  We will take this country back through peaceful means if absolutely possible. However, if you use force to oppress us, we will fight back. You work for us now, not the other way around.

IF you read your copy of the Constitution (it's the one that starts "We the people" for those of you that confuse it with the Declaration of Independence), it starts out as "We the people".  This entire country and government centers around ......wait for it......the people.  You will, thus, serve the people or you will serve time. Your choice.

We will occupy this country, we will occupy public buildings. We have this right. DO NOT STOP US. We own ALL public land, and like the banks did to so many of us, we are foreclosing on this property through occupation.  You have no right to remove us. We are Americans and we have as much right to this land as a non protester. Discrimination is illegal, in this country. So discriminate and see how many of you land in jail, and with lawsuits. 

We will not leave, we will not give up. You have almost destroyed our once great country with your unending greed. You will change.  This is going to be the new business as usual, get use to it OR GET OUT.

This country is ours and we are taking it back, whether you like it or not. And this is just the beginning.

Warning:  YOU HAVE JUST BEEN OCCUPIED by Democracy.